Matchmaker God – Taiwanese God of Love and Marriage

Before I introduce each of the best Taipei night markets and their most famous foods, there are some other things you need to know. Shortly after that they got married. The app turns your mobile device into a personal tour guide and its built-in GPS navigation functions guide you from one tour stop to next. Today Shida Night Market is not the famed night market it once was, ever since it was mostly shut down about five years ago due to noise and garbage complaints from local residents. Taipei night markets showcase the best of these foods all in one place, with many unique dishes that you can’t find anywhere else, and are understandably hugely popular among locals and tourists alike. Incense performs an important function in Taoist temples by purifying the space and the minds of the worshippers. See the next section to avoid some of our mistakes.

13 Tips for having a deeper Taiwan Temple experience

Taiwan has thousands of temples, ranging from large multi-story buildings bearing multiple shrines and countless deities to small single-shrine structures barely big enough to fit a single god. Taiwanese temples can be dedicated to Taoist, Buddhist or Confucian beliefs, and often times multiple faiths and deities coexist peacefully under one roof.

Presenting a cacophony of fragrance, color and sound, a Taiwan temple visit can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to the uninitiated.

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Completed in , the temple serves as a local religious center for over years, attracting followers from local and abroad. The trip this year marks the third journey for the deity to Japan to provide matchmaking service. Datong District Office pointed out that the cultural exchange program is part of the campaign to promote the Taipei Universiade and strengthen bilateral friendship as Japan is one of the countries designated to be in the care of the Office during the upcoming sports event.

Taipei is set to host over 12, athletes from countries in the international competition in The district office assures residents that Yue Lao will be visiting Japan as a separate incarnation and the statue itself will remain in the temple. Believers can continue offering their prayers to the matchmaker god while learning more about the historical heritage of Datong District.

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Yue Lao at Longshan Temple – Longshan Temple

I was told that I only have 3 attempts for my particular wish on love and marriage to be answered. The first two attempts, the reply was “Maybe”. He appears as an old man under the moon. I came here with my walking tour. It is one of the oldest temples in Taiwan but architecturally not that impressive perhaps because it was destroyed by the Americans in WWII.

Taipei Xiahai City God Temple’s deity of love and marriage, better known as Yue Lao or the Old Man under the Moon, is on a monthlong.

But some Taiwan residents have another method for finding romance besides Tinder — they call on the god of marriage and love. But in the future, when he actually met his wife, she had a scar from that same attack. Yue Lao is the Chinese God of Marriage and love. He unites a predestined couple at night with a silken chord often a red thread. He said to live in the moon.

Today, believers continue to pray at statues of his likeness throughout Asia. Around lovelorn visitors flock to this Taiwanese temple every day, estimates Lee. Reportedly, actress Sarah Jessica Parker was a visitor, adds Lee. Some are repeat visitors, too. Successful couples are obliged to bring back wedding cookies — and judging by the piles of cookie boxes, there have been many happy partnerships. In , there were around 5, successful matches, says Bob Chen, a guide with the Taipei Walking Tour.

Measuring only 43 centimetres tall, this likeness of Yue Lao, is mightier than the others, because he is standing, not sitting, and ready to perform his magic, explains Chen. This temple is very popular for not only Taiwanese, but also Japanese and Chinese.

Xiahai City God Temple

This lively and well-loved temple on Dihua St was built in to house the City God statue that the losers in the Wanhua feud took as they fled upstream. Little has changed since those days. The temple is a terrific spot to witness folk-worship rituals as well as admire some gorgeous pieces of traditional arts and crafts. If you want to pray to the deities yourself, the temple’s website has a step-by-step guide on how to go about it.

The temple management deserves kudos for the clear English signs about the temple introducing the City God, the City God’s Wife known as a Chinese Cupid and the recipient of devotees’ pleas concerning affairs of the heart and the Matchmaker said to have brought together thousands of couples , as well as some of the temple’s outstanding decorative pieces.

The century-old Xiahai Chenghuang Temple is host to statues of the City God, his street,then check out this small for its matchmaking powers.

HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. Relationships and marriage tends to be something that Asian people look to the deities for a definite answer. Even though the younger generations have successfully gained their freedom on choosing partners, the deities and the praying process is still considered as a boost to your luck in love. Who said the love of god has to be a baby half naked? Image by martinak The temples introduce below has a steady crowd of believers and couples do come back to offer food and gifts as the matchmaker put them together.

For a English description on how to pray and send your wish to the correct deity in the temple click here. Around the temple is the area called Da Dao Cheng, which is an area full of traditional food and gifts purchasing stores including Dihua Street full of dry goods to Yongle Market of textiles. After sending out your wish for a perfect partner, take some time to roam around and enjoy the red brick buildings and cafes.

Image by MiNe. The Moon Blocks that people use to cast their questions to the deities.

The matchmaking mailbox in central Taiwan

Xtreme Taiwan Facebook Cart 0. Accommodation Comming soon. Xiahai Cheng Huang Temple. Traveler Rating. It’s also a relatively important temple in the Greater Taipei Area.

5 Popular Temples in Asia Where You Can Pray For Love. matchmaking temple taipei. Pingxi Crags, Pingxi Line Another choice with.

While not for the faint of heart, this temple is definitely fun and educational. But the short answer is: This is also a great point for starting or ending a YouBike ride to other parts of the city. A fun way to see many of these attractions plus more is by bicycle. If you are buying clothing or other goods, you might be able to ask for a little discount, especially if you buy multiple items, but do so politely rather than forcefully, and don’t push it if they say no.

Its blend of Chinese culture with a strange fusion of Japanese, South-east Asian and American influences make it a truly unique place. Shida is no longer a bustling market. This Temple has received Matchmaking temple taipei Unesco Asia-Pacific Heritage Award for being so well restored from to and reviving traditions and rituals.

QingshanTemple Less than a kilometer away from Longshan Temple, Qingshan is a much smaller and more intimate temple. They have submitted more thannames to the temple. When in doubt, just go for the dick cake.

The Matchmaker, Taipei Xiahai City God Temple, Taipei, Taiwan

I just took some photos, thinking this tour was for young people and we did not need to pray here. Probably because we did not show very much interest here, Mr. Kou, our guide, did not explain much. However, when I looked it up on the internet, I found not only the matchmaking god, but other gods such as pregnancy, navigation, road safety and so on, are enshrined in this shrine. By the way, Mr.

Information about the Temples of Taipei – the capital city of Taiwan. deities here has been the Old Man Under the Moon (Yue Lao), a divine matchmaker.

The Matchmaker is the Deity of love and marriage in Chinese mythology. He is holding a marriage appointment book and red threads. It is said that everyone has an invisible red thread on his wrist. The Matchmaker is the deity who helps you search for whomever is on the other end of the thread. In , an elderly lady wanted to thank the City God for granting her the wishes. She donated a statue of the Matchmaker to the temple, wishing the deity would help those people who want to get married soon.

Prepare a set of God money and three incense sticks before praying, they are provided to visitors at the god money stand. A special offering to the Matchmaker is needed for those who pray to the matchmaker for the very first time. The offering, containing 2 pieces of lead money, a red thread, and sugar, is available at the counter. Stand in front of the incense burner, pray to the sky god: briefly introduce yourself, for example, your name, age and your address.

Pray to the sky god to give blessings on everything. Get your offering at the counter; pray to the City God, the Matchmaker and the other deities.

Find Love At Taiwan’s Top Five ‘Cupid’ Temples

Mobile user? View this post as a blog entry. The City God himself has his own complicated tale. He migrated north with his worshippers and was initially housed in a bakery until his new accommodations were completed. He was gifted to the temple in by a local resident who wished to thank the City God for his blessings, and has since become the temple’s main attraction. Yue Lao is often referred to as the Love God, or the Matchmaking God, which explains why people flock to the temples where he resides, praying to find a suitable mate.

Detailed information about the coin Metro Token, Taipei MRT (Matchmaking), * Tokens *, with pictures and collection and TAIPEI XIA-HAI CITY GOD TEMPLE.

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Ceremony at Xiahai Chenghuang “Matchmaker” Temple 霞海城隍廟 in Dadaocheng, Taipei

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